Oct 1, 2010

A small slice of humble pie... or how I was able to download an ebook from Borders

Photo by Bucklava
Earlier in the week I complained about Borders Australia's and Angus & Robertson's e-book purchasing experience.

I still have not received any customer service response from Angus & Robertson other than an automated email.  Borders have been slow but at least I have spoken to a (probably over worked) human.

Free e-books through Borders
In short don't bother unless you have a kobo reader or want to read them on the kobo desktop app (which is worse then the Sony desktop app).  I am still not able to sync my reader with my Borders library to download the free e-books.

Download from Gutenberg instead.

Purchasing e-books
I took a punt and decided to purchase a cheap title to see if the procedure for downloading purchased e-books is any different from the instructions for trying to download free titles- it is.

Above is the screenshot from my eLibrary at Borders online.  The Vampire Collection that I purchased has some text under the 'open book' button, it's a text link that allows you to download an .acsm file which you can open in Adobe Digital Editions and then transfer to your reader.  Not pretty, but it worked.

There have been issues with links not working for some purchasers but for me it worked okay.

Will I be shopping at Borders in the future?

Not unless its the only place I can secure a particular title or they drop their prices and compete with the Book Depository.


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